Burnham’s Mineral Spa Baths


Lying on and  behind   the North Esplanade was once an ambitious spa resort, brainchild of the Revd.  Davies.  Daviesville, as it was known,  comprised Steart House, the nearby Beverley Cottage, Marine House and the Round Tower buildings. The spa, probably funded by money from the sale of the Round Tower lighthouse to Trinity House, was in operation from 1833 to 1874.

J. Salisbury’s 1859 ‘Handbook of Burnham’ mentions the hot and cold baths as having “every usual appliance for convenience, comfort and restoration of health.” It goes on to say that “At the rear is a small, tasteful building called”

The appendix mentions that two separate springs were found by the Reverend Davies “one a saline or tonic, the other a sulphureous or alterative”  which was determined by analysis arranged by Dr Henning.

Engraving of the Spa in its heyday as seen from Berrow Road along the line of what is now Myrtle Drive. (From ‘Beyond the Shadows’ a history of three local families by Rita Probert)

Below: the remains of the water intake for the Spa  remained visible on the beach for many years.

Photo courtesy of Pat Nicholls.


NOTICE OF SALE – July 1870

Sale notice by Mr Charles Roberts Glover
Sale notice by Mr Charles Roberts Glover

It appears that another attempt was made to re-establish the spa in 1874 when the Western Gazette (25th December) reported:

‘Amongst the new limited liability companies recently started is the Burnham Baths and Mineral Spa Company, capital £20,000, in £5 shares, to erect baths, boarding houses &c at Burnham.’

Further details are given in a retrospective article in the Western Mail and South Wales News for 24th April 1936.

(From ‘Beyond the Shadows’ a history of three local families by Rita Probert)
Note the correspondence of the Tea Room frontage with the central building in the early engraving at top. It can be seen that  the original entrance was from a verandah on the first floor, through what was later turned into an arched window. The basement level was subsequently developed into the ground floor of the tea room.

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