Princess Street

Princess St.  was opened up in 1863,  two or three buildings having been demolished in Victoria St in 1859 to allow access. It was named to honour Princess Alexandra of Denmark who had married the Prince of Wales  (later Edward VII) in that year.

The Princess Hall (top of page) was built in 1868-69 as a Market and Town Hall and also used for local government administration. It has also seen service as a fire station, with large folding doors being constructed in the left hand  end of the frontage for vehicle access.

In 1910 a temporary structure, known as the ‘Tin School’ was set up opposite the Princess Hall to take the infants classes from the National School (by this time known as St Andrews) in College St. This was replaced in 1914 by the infants school building which   later served  as the Somerset Skills and Learning Centre but is currently empty.


Chapman & Gibbs Bed & Breakfast establishment, corner of Princess St. and Oxford St.

(Information courtesy of  Winston and Robert Thomas: ‘The Book of Burnham on Sea’)

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