Woodman Family (Shoemakers)

The Woodman family were  well known shoe makers in the town for several generations. An extract from the journal of the local archaeological and natural history society in 1996 gives a good history, starting with  the premises the family occupied in Victoria St.

An advert from 1970 made use of the family history:

Below is a receipt from the business, dated 1873:

Another advert from the early 20th century:

It is not clear why this advert states “Established 1857”.

Derek Woodman recalled from shop records that in 1898 women’s button walking boots with military heels cost 2/9d a pair and women’s black beaded dress shoes cost 1/11d. Men’s Oxford shoes were from 2/6d a pair and best quality hob nailed lace boots from 5/6d a pair.

This newspaper clipping (date unknown) brings the family trading story to a close: