Picture at head of page from postcard by Charles Pearson


Courtesy of Paul Wynn, date unknown.
Same building but later, under different ownership
Photo courtesy of Toni Grigsby.


Courtesy of Paul Wynn, date unknown.
Inn at left. Photo courtesy of Bob & June Thomas, date unknown.
As ‘The Berrow Hotel’, probably during the 1960’s



Courtesy of Roger Harvey.

We have no information about this tea room, please comment if you can tell us anything about it.



Aerial view of garage and triangle , date unknown. Courtesy of Roger Harvey.



We have no photos of the school itself, if you have any you would be prepared to share please get in touch via comments below.

Image above courtesy of Roger Harvey, date unknown.

Children outside the school.

Top Row:  Alice Rawlings, Beattie Bisgrove (?), Evie Marsh, Bessie Sellick, Hannah Boon, Gertie Andow (?), Bessie Ham.

Second Row:  Frank Bisgrove, Dolly Ham, Annie Ford, Nellie Bradbeer, J Ham, Emily Coombes, Nellie Andow(?), Bertha Andow(?) , Florrie Rose, Minnie Rice, Henry Rawlings , Clifford Coombes, Charlie Whitecombe, Ernie Bradbeer, Nellie House, Olive Raffles, Dolly Tidball.

Bottom Row:  Billie Andow (?), Jack Dunn, George Dunn, Jim Dunn, Cecil (?)Hutchings, Wreford (?) Coombe, Violet Rose, Minnie Tidball, Leslie Ham, Charlie Lawor (?), Edgar Marsh, unnamed boy.

Photo below from 1962 / 3 courtesy of Alan Cooke and Jenny Welland.



Old cottage & church, date unknown.

There is a story about this thatched cottage by Berrow Church. It has been passed down that the lady who lived there could cast spells. Local farmers being concerned of her would leave joints of meat at her doorstep to prevent being one of her subjects (see also here)

Another local story reported by Sam Nash was that a tower stood at the side of the track leading to Berrow Church and that in it lived a woman who murdered her husband. It was said that she gave birth to a child whilst in prison, who received a farthing per day pension for life because of this. It is also said that his name was Hicks  and, as a man, he ran a plant nursery on the Berrow Rd.

A better picture of the Church with the cottage having had a new roof.


Image above courtesy of Roger Harvey, dates unknown.

Alan Cooke in his comment below has alerted us that this picture of the Church, which we had originally thought to be of the school, has been reversed. His birthplace, the cottage  on the right, should actually be on the left. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for this to happen when images are reproduced over the years.


Images above and below, dates unknown, courtesy of Roger Harvey.

Rita Probert, in her family history, relates a story she was told during the course of her research:

“in the 1930’s when the 15th century Old Court House, which stood at the triangle of three roads at Berrow near Burnham was demolished, the new owner of the land whilst gardening unearthed two skeletons both with dislocated necks. This supported the oft related story that two local men who had taken part in the [Monmouth] rebellion had been hanged on the gibbet which once stood on the Berrow Triangle and were buried in the courthouse yard.”  – ‘Beyond the Shadows’ a history of three local families by Rita Probert

This is supported by a story handed down in Burnham and reported by Sam Nash, that Jeffreys held a court here.


Courtesy of Paul Wynn, date unknown.
Courtesy of Roger Harvey, later but date unknown.

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It appears there was an army camp at Brean during the early years of the 20th century. Please comment below if you have any additional information about this.

Images courtesy of Roger Harvey.
Reverse of last postcard above.


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  1. The named photo of Berrow School is in fact the old Methodist church . The photo is also the wrong way around (mirrored image). I was born in the house to the right in the photo but is actually on the left.

      1. Thanks for your comment Keith. Unfortunately this is the only photo we have. Hopefully other readers might come up with some.

      2. Hi Keith. You will have been a school with my brothers Malcolm and Philip Cooke. I have a photo from around 62/63 but I don’t know how upload onto here. .

        1. Hello Alan,
          John here. You should have my home email address and if you send your photo to me I can get it uploaded.
          I remember sitting in the Ring O Bell’s pub with you and the student teacher who was lodging with me at the time. Happy days!

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