Paddling Pool and Boating Lake


The paddling pool was presented to the town by Joseph Bevan Braithwaite after the end of the First World War in 1921. Joseph had six children, five boys and one girl. All of the boys fought in the war in various occupations and all of them came home uninjured. Joseph and his family lived in Blencathra, Seaview Road and had the pool built on the seashore near to their home. A plaque on the new sea wall commemorates the safe return of the sons. Blencathra was demolished and replaced by Blencathara (sic) Court, a block of flats.


In its heyday the pool was a very popular attraction.

Th picture above is from the Burnham on Sea Guide of 1950.

The pool was demolished in 2010 due to its poor state of repair.

It is not understood why Joseph’s sons fought in the first World War if they were Quaker pacifists There is evidence that many Quakers were involved in Europe making reparations to war damage rather than actual fighting . However there is other evidence that the youngest son, Joseph Gurney Braithwaite, served in the navy during the first World War.

Joseph Bevan and Anna Sophia’s family consisted of five boys and one girl

Jonathon Frederick Braithwaite 1883-1962
John Bevan Braithwaite 1884-1973
Alfred Lloyd Braithwaite 1886-1967
Dorothy Anna Braithwaite 1889-1974
Harold Wilson Braithwaite 1890-1990
Joseph Gurney Braithwaite M.P., Sir 1895-1958




2 thoughts on “Paddling Pool and Boating Lake”

  1. My mother Esme Brown ( 1902 – 2000 ), who lived in Burnham all her life, always told me the pool was called “Potter’s piddling pool” Any known reason why?!

    In the fifties, I always sailed my model yacht in the pool, but later on it silted up, and often the yacht would be stuck in the middle!

    1. Thanks Christopher for your memory of this pool. I too remember sailing my model yacht here with the same results. I also remember standing on something sharp in the pool and when my aunt reached in she pulled out a pair of false teeth! Perhaps someone can shed some light on the name of the pool in your mother’s time?

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