Summer Carnivals 1950s

A Burnham-on-Sea holiday guide, probably from 1958, tells us that: “The Burnham-on-Sea August Bank Holiday Carnival was revived in 1957.” Indicating that there had been a break at sometime during or after the war. It goes on to say that :“The programme commenced on teh Saturday before August Bank Holiday Monday and terminated on the Saturday following. The Atttractions included Grand procession, Fete, Sand castle Competition, Firework Display, Gymkhana, Traders’ Exhibition, and was a full week of entertainment of all classes.”

.Pat Pusil is the lady in costume.
Pat Pusil is the lady in costume.
Thanks to David & Pat Pusil for this article.

Carnival preparations

Carnival c1961 (2)

Carnival (1)

Photographs above by permission of Katina Harvey.

Photos courtesy of Ann Popham.


Note Guinness advert on side of building believed to have at one time been donkey stables,  long since demolished.



Photos from Burnham on Sea Guide.


Thanks to Valarie Putt for this image.
Thanks to Valarie Putt for this image.

Masqueraders .

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