Pier Street

Pier Street was laid out by George Reed in the late 1850’s at the same time as the building of the Reed’s Arms Hotel and its ‘Tap Room’ the Pier Hotel. This also involved the laying down of road sections along the Western front of the Hotel, linking up to the newly developed North Esplanade, and joining the High Street to the Station.

The purpose built  Lifeboat House stood just behind the railway station at the east end of the street. It was converted for use as a Boy Scouts headquarters after 1930.

NWynn 022C


The building was  converted to a play centre for a period in the late 20th Century before being turned into a cafe.

In the picture above Primrose Cottage is visible on the right. The building beyond that was at one time Burnham Garden Centre as can be seen in the pictures below taken shortly before its closure in the early 21st century.

Burnham Garden Centre outsideBurnham Garden Centre with Mum

Rosemary Cottage next to station


The next picture shows a Cub Scout an Brownie parade crossing Pier St. before the construction of the supermarket building. The picture is dated 1982.

1982CubparadePaulcarryingflag02 1 copy

The picture below shows the beginning of the construction of the supermarket building  which was done under the ‘Gateway’ company banner but rebranded on opening as the first ‘Somerfield’ store in the country in 1990.  It appears that the Scouts may have been having  table-top sale.

TA8 Gateway coming005

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