Winter Carnivals

Originally the November ‘Guy Fawkes’ Carnival was a Highbridge event, starting at The Artillery Arms and progressing only as far as the end of Burnham Rd.


1949. Photo courtesy of Ann Popham.


‘The Centennial Bride’ Photo courtesy of John Davey. Left to right: John Davey Mrs Cook Fred Cook Pat Flint Mrs Gardiner Gledwyn Cook

“The Centennial Bride” Was by the Huntspill Road Gang ( Mrs Cook and party) who won the Skrimshire Cup for best local entry and first prize for local Tableau on Vehicle in the Highbridge Winter Carnival 1949, starting at the Artillery Arms.

Fairford Rd C.C. 1956

During the 1960’s the carnival route was extended into Burnham, Mr Bill Puddy (at right, on float below) being a major  influence in that process.

This float is by the Coopers Arms Group, date unknown.

The Summer Carnivals were eventually abandoned and the Winter  Carnival took on the form in which we know it today.

Badge of the Carnival Committee, 1960’s. Kindly loaned by Ann Popham.

The article below from the Bridgwater Mercury of 1982 gives some of the history of the developments in the period  up to that time.

Press clipping below from 1995 marking the 21st anniversary of the Hillview C.C.:

Clippings provided by Ann Popham.


Buccaneers C.C., date unknown.
Masqueraders. Orville: Ann Popham; Scottie: Barry Popham. Date unknown
Barry Popham as Pluto
Aces C.C. (based at Community Centre) date unknown.

Hillview C.C. ‘Pride of London’ 1988.
Hillview C.C. ‘Tales of Hans Christian Anderson’ 1989.
Gremlins C.C. Year not known.

Thanks to Ann Popham for photographs and information.

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