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The Town Band

We have very little information on Town Bands. We know from newspaper articles and indeed from the town going to the expense of building both a bandstand (early 20th century) and a band ‘shell’ (1930’s) that there has been a ‘Town Band’ at certain times, as well as other visiting bands providing entertainment.

Date unknown but believed to have been posed on land between Lower South St and Technical St. Could this be a youth group? Photo courtesy of Nippy Wynn.
Burnham ‘Season Band’ 1907. Probably in Manor Gardens. Photo courtesy of Nippy Wynn.
Photo courtesy of Bob & June Thomas.

The picture below is thought to be of a Burnham band and at first sight it appears that it could have been taken in Manor Gardens. However, in comparison with other photos this does not appear to be the old Manor Gardens bandstand, which was a wooden construction as can be seen in the coloured postcard beneath. Can anyone clarify this?

Photo courtesy of Ann Popham.
Band concert. Date unknown

The bands playing at the Pavilion and in the band shell below could have been local or visiting bands.

Western Gazette 17th July 1885

Below is a programme for Christy’s Band, date unknown,  discovered amongst the Dupuis Diaries:

We would welcome any additional information about Burnham bands.


Choral Society

Programmes  discovered in the Dupuis Diaries


Town Hall Concerts

These were no doubt a regular event but we only have one example programme, again discovered in the Dupuis Diaries.


Jamaican Choir

Programme  discovered in the Dupuis Diaries

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