Due to the current government advice re Covid19 The King Alfred School has informed us that they have cancelled all group lettings until further notice. We will therefore have to suspend our meetings during April and May, and unless there are any unexpected changes probably also June. They will let us know as soon as they are able to resume lettings.


February 2020

Check out our new Early Times pages: Introduction and River Siger.

See also our updated Introduction to Burnham pages.

While you’re at it have a look at the updated Garages and new Coach Companies pages on the ‘Places’ menu.

Now up, our ‘Around and About’ page for items not having pages of their own.

Fire Service page now added on ‘Other ‘ menu. We have few details so would welcome hearing from anyone who has more.

March 2020

Check out our new Manor Gardens page.

Carnival pages now updated, see under ‘Other’ menu.

Sports & Pastimes section now open for business on the ‘Other’ menu. Including football, cricket, golf, hockeybowling, cinema and amateur dramatics (plays, operetta, pantomime – moved from ‘Events’ menu).

Celebrations page now up on Events menu.

For Your Amusement (now on ‘Other’ menu).

Joseph Braithwaite and Cyril Smith now added to ‘People’ menu.

Wartime now added to ‘Events (Historical)’ menu.

Famous Visitors added to ‘People’ menu.

Water Supply added to ‘Other’ menu.

Local Newspapers also added to ‘Other’ menu.

Page for La Retraite Convent & School added to ‘Places’ menu

Burnham Institute added to ‘Other’ menu.

Interesting new newspaper article of recollections on Mazes and Tea Gardens page.




Meetings are held in the King Alfred School Lecture Theatre commencing at 7pm until 9pm.

Our annual membership fee is £5, or £2 to attend an evening as a visitor.

This programme may be subject to alteration without prior notice.