Due to the ongoing difficulties with Covid 19 we have of course been unable to resume our meetings and all the speakers for the 2020 programme have been cancelled. They have all expressed a willingness to be re-engaged once we are able to begin a new programme. There is as yet no sign of when we may be able to do this. Once it is possible it may be that we will need to fill the first few slots  of the new programme with talks from members. If you have anything that you would like to present please contact Nigel Craik (secretary).



May 2020

Take a look at the new page about the high and low lighthouse switch-over in 1993, linked from the lighthouse pages.

Additional group pictures now on Technical College page.

New page on Brick & Tile Works added.

June 2020

Please take a look at the new ‘Info Needed’ page and see whether you can help us.

Another notable family has been added to the ‘People’ menu: follow the link and find out about the Hausers

A new page on The Old Vicarage as a guest house linked from the Old Vicarage page on the heritage Trail.

Page begun on the history of the  Burnham-on Sea Rifle Club under Sports & Pastimes on the ‘Other’ menu. Please comment if you have information which we could add to this page.

New page on the Dyer family under the ‘People’ menu

Charitable Ventures page updated.

July 2020

Please take a look at our new pages on ‘The World of Work’; John Saunders and Town Criers.

Some  Burnham comic postcards now added, find them here or  via a link on the ‘For Your Amusement’ page.

Sport & Pastimes now has it’s own menu on the front page header. There have been a number of updates to these pages: new pages for swimming & tennis; updates to cricket and golf (including  pictures of famous 20th century golfers at Burnham).

List of links to useful websites added to bottom of front  page (or link here).

August 2020

Page about proposals for redevelopment of jetty added here (linked via Jetty page)

Take a look at our new pages on Cecile Crombeke (artist), Stuart Hine (hymn writer) and Alberto Bertorelli (ice cream trader)

October 2020

Additional information and pictures about the wreck of the Nornen now added to ‘Crashes and wrecks’

November 2020

Additional information added to the Burnham Mineral Spa Baths and The Mount pages. Also new information about Woodmans (No’s 43 & 45) added to Victoria St page

Take a look at our new page about the Adult School / Library added to the Places menu.




2 thoughts on “News”

  1. Hi

    Just doing family history research and while I knew I was born in Burnham, have finally worked out it was in the orginal Kinver Terrace block and have been able to match a few family snaps as taken here before we moved ‘up north’. If of any use for your site do let me know. I’m not sure it would have looked so grand back in the 1950s mind you!

    1. Thanks for your comment Simon. We already have quite a lot of photos of Kinver Terrace itself, do you have any photos significantly different to those of the town already on the site?

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