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Thanks to all members for their support during the 2022-23 season, including donations to the raffle and purchase of raffle tickets all of which helps with increasing costs of the room rental.

The programme for 2023 – 24 can be found here.
The membership fee is  £10 a year and there is a £5 per session charge for visitors.

Collected news clippings from  ‘This week in the news – Somerset news stories from the past 250 years ‘ here.


An item about the reformation of the Burnham United Football Club has now been added here.

Those who fondly remember Priscilla the swan can now find a photo of her taking a trip on the beach here.

There is now an old photo of Westman’s Laundry on Love Lane at the bottom of the page here.


An account of Burnham between the wars by Mervyn Temlett has now been added (linked from the ‘Introduction to Burnham’ page.


A new page of Holt’s Brewery  memorabilia can be found here.

There is now a new page on the Holt family losses in WWI here, also a few new pictures on the Holt Family main page.

A retrospective view of 1902 in Burnham from the local press can now be found here (linked from the Introduction page).


See news item about August Bank Holiday gales in 1900 here

A new page on Law & Order has now been created.

Burnham Library is now holding family history sessions  upstairs every first and third Thursday of the month. There are two sessions 10 till 11 and 11 till 12. They must be booked, so you will need a Library Card.


More images of Holt Brothers Brewery memorabilia have been added  here.

A picture of the Herring’s Coach Company waiting room rocking horse has been added here.

Two new reports of hauntings in Burnham.

New information about Myrtle Cottage here.

A image of the certificate granting the town coat of arms has been added to the bottom of the Introduction page.

A souvenir Town Crier’s announcement scroll has been added to the princess Ann section under Famous Visitors.


Does anyone have any additional information about these two WWII evacuees?


An item about a Monmouth-inspired riot in Hunstpill in 1687 has been added here.

More Ordnance Survey maps added here.

A bit of new information has emerged which might shed some light on the naming of the ‘Royal Marine’ Tavern in High St. Any other information abiut this would be welcome.

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11 thoughts on “News”

    1. Hello Hugh,

      You should have an email from my personnel address title captureburnham. We can now correspond here now.

  1. Good morning thank you for such great work in this fantastic website! How can I get in touch with you as I am currently writing a presentation on paradise and Burnham which I will eventually make into a documentary and would appreciate your knowledge i also have some fascinating information which I have discovered hope this gets to the people who make this website possible

    1. Hi Philip,
      Thanks for expressing your appreciation of the website and your interest. John Strickland will get in touch with you via your email address.

    2. Hello Philip.
      As I’ve not heard from you I thought maybe another try via my email address.
      We have an avid interest in how the area known as Paradise came about as there is many references to this name on maps and areas.
      I will send you an email with he heading Paradise in the hope that we can correspond more.

  2. Hi

    Just doing family history research and while I knew I was born in Burnham, have finally worked out it was in the orginal Kinver Terrace block and have been able to match a few family snaps as taken here before we moved ‘up north’. If of any use for your site do let me know. I’m not sure it would have looked so grand back in the 1950s mind you!

    1. Thanks for your comment Simon. We already have quite a lot of photos of Kinver Terrace itself, do you have any photos significantly different to those of the town already on the site?

      1. My dad’s photos are mostly of us as a family in the back yard, on the beach etc. I could put together a page of bits and bobs but none of us are famous! Sorry for delay replying, things happened! Simon

        1. Thanks for your reply Simon. However it sounds as though your photos would principally be of interest to family members rather than the public in general. We can really only give space to photos which illuminate aspects of the town itself or are of well known local people so we would not be able to use them but thank you for your interest.

    2. Hello Simon,

      My first Home was in Flat 3 Kinver Terrace. I was born in May 1949 in what was the Lulworth Nursing Home – later The Lulworth Guest House and now a private residence on the Berrow Road opposite the junction with Westfield road .

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