Efforts are currently underway to establish a restart date for NSLHG meetings and to renew suitable arrangements with The King Alfred School for use of the lecture theatre. Whilst there is still no definite start date for a new programme we are hoping for March 2022.


July 2021

A new work of art has been added to the Cecile Crombeke page.

Have a look at our new page on the Revd. Theodore Crane Dupuis on the People menu.

Another new page on the people menu for Ken Baily

Aug 2021

We have added a new page on the Victoria Hotel under the Places – Pubs and Hotels menu.

Additional paintings have now been added to the Cecile Crombeke page.

Sept 2021

A new page has been added on ceramics painter William Pollard under the ‘People’ menu

Did artist J.M.W. Turner visit and paint in Burnham on Sea? See new item on Famous Visitors page.

A new link has been added to the Theodore Dupuis page to a sub-page containing another diary extract. We may have further extracts of interest to add to this page as time goes on.

Oct 2021

A newspaper cutting  about the stranding of the brigantine ‘Milo’ on Gore Sands has been added to ‘Crashes and Wrecks‘.

Another news report about a 1933 drowning accident has been added to the Marine Lake page.

A page on Capt. George Henry Warren has been added under the ‘People’ menu

Nov 2021

Information and images about the Ridd family added to The Railway Hotel page.

New press clippings added about storms of 1856 – 63.

A link to an additional page about the ‘Cheltenham’ lifeboat has now been placed on the ‘Lifeboats and Lifeboatmen’ page.

Pages from Patey’s Almanac of 1949 can now be found here, or linked from the Local Newspapers page.

More paintings by Cecile Crombeke can now be found here.

A page has been added to the People menu about Mary Sperring

The ‘People’ menu has now been reorganised into a number of sub-menus due to becoming too long.

The page on Thomas Alan Stephenson FRCS has now been updated with additional information and pictures.

Additional information about Burnham County Secondary School has been linked to the reorganised Technical College page and can be found here.

A new page has been added to the Places menu about Steart Island. The information about the Steart Island Swim has been relocated there from the Events menu.

Dec 2021

New information from the ‘Dupuis Diaries’ has been linked to the St Andrew’s Church page and can also be found here.  Some new information from the same source has also been added to the St Andrew’s School page and can be found here. A clipping has also been added to the Mineral Spa page here.

A new section about Gang Shows has been added to the Amateur Dramatics page.

A scan of  the Burnham Parish Magazine for September 1944 has been added here.

Additional information and images about the Nornen added to Crashes and Wrecks.

A number of broken video links have been fixed and all videos from the site have now been gathered in the Video Gallery on the ‘Other’ menu.

A item about Boatbuilding (Kimber’s Boatyard) has been added to the ‘World of Work’ page.

Jan 2022

Please take a look at the  new picture and request for information at the bottom of the Lifeboats & Lifeboatmen page.


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6 thoughts on “News”

  1. Good morning thank you for such great work in this fantastic website! How can I get in touch with you as I am currently writing a presentation on paradise and Burnham which I will eventually make into a documentary and would appreciate your knowledge i also have some fascinating information which I have discovered hope this gets to the people who make this website possible

    1. Hi Philip,
      Thanks for expressing your appreciation of the website and your interest. John Strickland will get in touch with you via your email address.

  2. Hi

    Just doing family history research and while I knew I was born in Burnham, have finally worked out it was in the orginal Kinver Terrace block and have been able to match a few family snaps as taken here before we moved ‘up north’. If of any use for your site do let me know. I’m not sure it would have looked so grand back in the 1950s mind you!

    1. Thanks for your comment Simon. We already have quite a lot of photos of Kinver Terrace itself, do you have any photos significantly different to those of the town already on the site?

    2. Hello Simon,

      My first Home was in Flat 3 Kinver Terrace. I was born in May 1949 in what was the Lulworth Nursing Home – later a The Lulworth Guest House and now a private residence on the Berrow Road opposite the junction with Westfield road .

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