The Commercial Inn

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Mr Henry Parr (who died in 1880) and his wife Matilda were at one time the landlords of this inn and also of The Pier Hotel, The Somerset & Dorset Inn and The Railway Hotel. Henry was also a guard on the railway in Burnham. The fenced area in front of the Commercial Inn was used as a pound for stray farm animals until their owners were found. The name of the inn probably relates to the fact that it was built at a time when the town was undergoing its first major period of development and overnight accommodation for commercial travellers was in demand.


Previous landlords were

  • John Lott (Lotts Commercial Inn) 1853, 1861
  • Mrs Matilda Parr 1895
  • A S Berryman 1895 – 1902
  • Mr and Mrs Lewis and family 1915
  • Chas. Lewis 1914-27
  • Denbigh Roy Lewis 1939-45
  • W S Hayes 1951-52
  • R A Jones 1961-63

The site is now largely occupied by Gary Berryman’s Estate Agents The Commercial Inn is shown on this map of 1852



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