Ellen’s Cottages


The terrace of Alms houses known as Ellen’s Cottages in Berrow Road, were built in 1868 with an endowment given by John Saunders in memory of his late wife Ellen, for ten poor women. The onus fell on the Vicar of Burnham, The Methodist Minister and three local residents.

It seems there was accommodation for ten when they were built, later reduced to seven.

An article from the Western Gazette on 6th Dec 1867 tells us of the plans:

According to Martin Brewster the original rules included that “all inmates shall be in their rooms no later than nine o’clock at night” and “once in every week each inmate shall scrub out and well clean the floors to her living room and bedroom”

This ad appeared in The Methodist Link Magazine September 2008:

Ellens Cottages

There are two vacant sets of accommodation at Ellen’s Cottages. Anyone interested please phone Mr. Brian Bell, Clerk to the Trustees, on Tel. 783502 or write to 12 Cross St*

Please note the address has changed since this advert was first published to 20 Ellen Dale Court.

Ellens Cottages


Ellens Cottages (01)

There is a record of a death for Ellen Saunders in the December quarter of 1865 at Axbridge, which would have included Burnham at that time.

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  1. We pass these lovely looking cottages on a regular basis and I have always wanted to know more about them and what they are used for. They look so full of character – something missing in so many now.

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