St Andrew’s School Memories

Below are more photographs of class groups.

1930 – courtesy of  Lorraine Solomon
1935 – courtesy of Sam Christopher

Below is a woodwork class of with wooden model spitfires they made. Thanks to Alan Young for this image.

Woodwork Class of 1940 with their model spitfires they made.


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Mid 1950’s – courtesy of Jo Plestead

John Strickland tells us: “the staff in the picture above are  Mrs Lena Allum, Mrs Baldwin, Miss Ordish, Mrs Gordon. Some of the children pictured are: Steve Porter, Tim Church,  Peter Evans, Alan Vaughn,  Susan Tropman, whose dad ran the shop at Oxford Street end of Abingdon Street.  Ruth Jones who I remember had both legs in plaster for what seemed a whole term. As she lived near Mr John Lees he would bring her in his car and carry her into the classroom. In the picture below the staff are Mr Wyndham Charles, Mr John Lees, Mrs Gordon, (?), Mrs Baldwin, (?), Miss Ordish, Miss Hopkins, Mrs Allum. At the nearest table on the right is Geoffrey Kingston then John Page, (?) then  Michael Kick, who was killed in a motor scooter accident.”

Christmas party mid 1950’s – courtesy of Jo Plestead




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4 thoughts on “St Andrew’s School Memories”

  1. My husband went to this school in 1950’s he was born 1952 and left we think around 1961
    Name: John Watson

    Does any one remember him

    1. Hello Liz,

      I went to this school but was in 3 years older than your John. I will ask my members at our next Local History meeting if anyone remembers him. It’s a long shot but have you looked at the group photos on this subject pages ?
      Thanks for your posting,

  2. I remember sitting cross-legged in the main classroom watching the first man on the moon the following morning.
    Not only were we all excited about it, but it was also nearly the end of summer term and we were all looking forward to the Summer Holidays!
    Mind you, my mum and dad had the big yellow arcade on the seafront, so that’s where I spent the holidays!

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