World War I Casualties

The bulk of the information shown here was supplied by Bob and Marilyn Curry. Additional information was provided by Cerrie Williams, The King Alfred School.

St Andrews Memorial PlaqueLove Lane (Hospital) (Memorial Plaque 01)Methodist CasualtiesBaptist Church Plaque

AKERMAN Charles Savidge Annand Major 26/09/1915 38 cwgc
ALISON Laughton Hassard 2/Lt. 15/05/1915 cwgc
ALLEN Frederick William  Private 3978 03/05/1917 27 Photo cwgc
BABY Stuart Beachim Emigrated to USA in 1912. Mother formerly lived in Burnham. Methodist plaque
BANWELL Oliver RASCRE R4/139554299359 17/12/1919 37  Buried in Westfield Road cemetery Photo
BARRETT Robert Petty Officer 99041 03/10/1918 57 Not on either memorial cwgc
BEVAN John Austin Gardner Private 3027 10/09/1916 24 Methodist plaque cwgc 
BIRCH as R FRichard George Private 60889 19/09/1917 Not on either memorial.Buried in Westfield Road cemetery cwgc
BOON George T Private 13026 11/05/1917 21 Also on Highbridge Memorial Photo cwgc
BROWN G R Private 4391 29/07/1916 Not on either memorial cwgc
BROWN James Bevan Lance Corporal 267013 16/08/1917 cwgc
BROWNING Ernest Clifford Private 3304 11/09/1918 Methodist plaque cwgc
BRYAN  H L Gunner  3514 04/06/1918 Obituary Burnham Gazette 15/06/1918 cwgc
BURRINGTON Gilbert Private 703727 21/11/1916 37 Photo cwgc
BURRINGTON Harvey Private 13615 23/07/1915 31 Photo cwgc
CHAMPION Leonard John Lieutenant 04/10/1918 34 Not on either memorial. Buried Dar-Es-Salaam cwgc
CHANT Vivian Private 129677 03/04/1917 21 Not on either memorial cwgc
CHARMAN Edgar Charles Private 9925 01/05/1917 24 Brent Knoll cwgc
CHURCHILL Arthur Norton Hickling Lieutenant 07/09/1915 24 Not on either memorial cwgc 
CHURCHILL Francis David Private 242275 04/10/1917 38 Methodist plaque cwgc
CHURCHILL Theodore David Private 41713 07/08/1917 19 Methodist plaque cwgc
CLERK Robert Vere Captain 28/06/1915 31 Not on either memorial cwgc
CODNER Christopher Cardew Captain 03/05/1917 22 Not on either memorial cwgc
COLE Wilfred Samuel Lieutenant 11/05/1916 36 Not on either memorial cwgc
CORDINGLEY Charles Cadet 21st Royal Fusiliers 04/09/1916 26 Burnham Gazette died in VAD hospital of pneumonia. Body returned to Bolton
COSWAY William Henry Private 317741 02/04/1918 39 Baptist church plaque Photo cwgc 
COURT Frederick William Chief Armourer 340995 22/09/1914 42 Not on either memorial cwgc
COX Harry Rifleman R/14568 04/11/1916 23 Not on either memorial cwgc
COX Henry Sergeant 161 04/12/1914 30 Not on either memorial cwgc
COX Leonard Thomas James Private 75553 23/09/1918 19 Son of Jumbo Cox, town crier Photo cwgc
DAVY William James 2nd lieutenant 18/08/1916 27 Not on either memorial..Burnham Gazette 11/11/1916 cwgc
DAWES E G Acting bombardier 1640 09/08/1918 39 Not on either memorial cwgc 
DAY Sydney Henry Private 25824 15/02/1917 19 cwgc
DIBBLE George Henry Private West Yorkshire 47910 20 Burnham Gazette died of pneumonia in France. Brean memorial cwgc
DRYERRE Robert Henry  2nd lieutenant 01/10/1916 23 Baptist church plaque Photo cwgc
DUDLEY A S Private 3852 30/01/1915 Not on either memorial. Buried in Westfield Road Cemetery cwgc
DUNN William James Private 55381 03/09/1918 27 Baptist church plaque cwgc
DYER Albert Private 3/7753 01/10/1915 37 Photo cwgc
EDWARDS W R B Captain 14/04/1914 Not on either memorial Photo cwgc
ELTON Alfred George Goodenough Colonel 17/11/1919 62 Not on either memorial cwgc
EMERY Robert Son of Charles and Eliza. Esplanade Restaurant. Died of bronchitis in Coventry
FARNHAM Frank Jefferson 2nd lieutenant 15/04/1917 23 cwgc
FARTHING Vincent John Private 20324 18/09/1918 23 Not on either memorial cwgc
FARTHING William Charles Private 20291 03/11/1916 20  Burnham Gazette 11/11/1916 Photo cwgc
FEAR Arnold Hubert Rifleman 44941 29/09/1918 19 Photo cwgc 
FOOKS George Anthony Private 71191 24/04/1918 18 cwgc
FOWLER Christopher George Captain 06/04/1917 21 Photo cwgc
GALE Richard William Private 2002414429 19/03/1919 21 Buried in Buried in Westfield Road cemetery cwgc 
GANNICOTT Bertie Claud Private R4/13956 19/11/1918 30 See Highbridge memorial cwgc
GARD Ernest Private 7513 26/08/1914 Photo cwgc
GIBLETT Sidney Private 20626 03/05/1917 See Brean memorial cwgc 
GIBLETT Walter John Private 38292 20/09/1918  30 cwgc
GILES Francis John Private 2455 22/11/1915 19 cwgc
GLANVILE William S Quartermaster sergeant 795 21/07/1916 25 cwgc
GORE James Deck hand HMS Victory 21570/DA 10/09/1916 42 Buried in Westfield Road cemetery cwgc 
GULLIFORD James Henry Private 3/7618 21/10/1916 18  Photo cwgc 
HAM Arthur Unidentified
HAM Edward John Private 205318 25/12/1917 31 Buried in Westfield Road cemetery cwgc 
HAMM S J Driver 22539 18/12/1918 24 Not on any memorial. From Berrow cwgc 
HARRIS Arthur John Lance corporal 13025 25/09/1915 20 From Brent Knoll cwgc
HARRIS William Thomas Trooper 24861 09/01/1917 36 Burnham On Sea?? cwgc
HERAPATH Alfred Maltravers 2nd lieutenant 01/07/1916 28  Photo cwgc
HERAPATH Norman Finnis 2nd lieutenant 11/04/1917 22  Photo cwgc 
HILL Albert John Private  2439  16/11/1916 Died of diptheria and is buried in India. Methodist plaque cwgc
HILL Pjilip Geoffrey Powys Major  09/06/1915 Burnham Gazette 26/06/1915. Jeffrey Hill Son of Mr & Mrs A B Hill cwgc
HODGES Frank Private 30456 25/09/1918 35 Not on either memorial cwgc 
HOLT Arthur Edward 2nd lieutenant 25/10/1917 19 cwgc
HOLT Cecil William Midshipman HMS Hogue 22/09/1914 15 Photo cwgc 
JACKSON Ernest Reginald Private 17818 27/08/1918 25 Photo cwgc 
JACQUES David Wright 2nd lieutenant 01/12/1916 19 Photo cwgc
KING Launcelot Arthur Hensley Lance corporal 10409 01/07/1916 23 cwgc
KING Reginald Charles Stoker HMS Tornado K/40795 23/12/1917 18 Photo cwgc 
KNIGHT Leslie Ernest Private 17307 01/07/1916 18 cwgc 
KNIGHT Walter George Rifleman 204895 02/03/1918 Buried in Westfield Road cemetery Photo cwgc 
LAMBE Owen Private 20502 03/09/1916  39 Not on either memorial. Buried in Westfield Road cemetery cwgc
LAWRENCE Frank Private 4207 25/08/1918 29 Photo cwgc
LOCK Sidney George Gunner 41480 18/10/1918 37 Photo cwgc
LOCK Wilfred Henry Sapper WR/204286 28/10/1918 19 Photo cwgc
MARCHENT Philip Charles Gordon Rifleman 44863 09/08/1918 20 Photo cwgc 
MARTIN Alan Harold Boy 2nd class HMS Impregnable J/43504 16/12/1915 16 Buried in Westfield Road cemetery Photo cwgc
McPHIE Alexander Donald Private 16254 14-16/09/1914 cwgc
MILES L Private 25853 24/03/1918 34 Not on either memorial cwgc
MORGAN Frederick Harold Lewis Captain 04/05/1915 29 Photo cwgc
MORGAN Lewis Flt lieutenant RNAS 11/05/1917 24 Buried in Sampford, Arundel Photo cwgc
MORGAN Walter Bassett 2nd lieutenant 09/08/1915 Photo cwgc
NELSON Henry Boy 1st class J/77521 (DEv.) 17/09/1918 16 Not on either memorial. Buried in Deal cemetery cwgc
NEW Bertram Henry Charles Private 60701 26/10/1918 36 Not on either memorial. From Berrow cwgc
NORMAN Fred Sargeant 10446 07/11/1914 26 Commemorated on plaque at St. Mary’s Berrow cwgc
O’BRIEN John (Jack) Gunner 27195 23/04/1917 36 cwgc
ODDEN Henry Thomas Private 22087 15/09/1916 19 Not on either memorial cwgc
OSTLER Donald Percy Private 42115  23/08/1918 19 cwgc
PAGE Ralph William Lance sergeant 8441 05/11/1918 29 Not on either memorial.Buried in Axminster cwgc
PAINE James Henry Lieutenant colonel 25/07/1918 47 Awarded DSO cwgc
PHILLIPS Metford Private 3/8268 01/03/1915 21  Also on Brean memorial Photo  cwgc
PHILLIPS William George Able seaman Z/1380 18/12/1917 29 cwgc
POPHAM Frederick Private 20593 Burnham Gazette 09/12/1916. From Badgworth cwgc
RAWLINGS Alfred John Private 28742 11/04/1918 29 Commemorated on plaque at St. Mary’s Berrow cwgc
REED Paul Maurice 27/12/1916 18 Cairo cwgc
RICHARDS Jack Lieutenant cwgc 
SAMUDA Cecil Markham Annesley Major 02/07/1917 38 Not on any memorial cwgc
SEALEY Charles Herbert Private 40982 24/11/1918 19 Photo  cwgc
SIMPSON Edgar Private A/326839 13/11/1918 32 Not on either memorial cwgc
SKELTON William Henry Stoker 1st class HMS Black Prince K/19417 31/05/1918 24 Not on either memorial cwgc
SLOCOMBE David William (Solly) RAF 24/10/1918 24 Buried in Highbridge cemetery. On Highbridge memorial cwgc
SMITH John Joseph Private

Royal Army Ordinance Corp

 035569 12/02/1919


40  • Camerton (St Peter) Churchyard, Cumbria  cwgc
SMITH Robert Stanley Rifleman C/923 30/11/1917 19 Not on either memorial cwgc
SMITH Thomas Joseph Sergeant 6126 24/05/1915 37 Not on either memorial cwgc
SPENCER William Harold Private 26559 04/10/1917 29 Photo cwgc 
SQUIRE C J Private 87508 16/12/1917 23 Not on either memorial cwgc
STACEY William Private 3/6391 22/11/1914 cwgc
STEWART Edgar D Lance corporal 18602 09/08/1915 Methodist plaque cwgc 
STINGEMORE Archibald John Lance corporal 47123 20/08/1918 19 Photo cwgc
STOKER Stephen Gawin Sergeant 10691 26/09/1915 35 Photo cwgc
STREVENS Alfred James Lance corporal 305605 19/04/1919 26 Buried in Egypt cwgc
STUCKEY Ralph Herbert Private 20820 05/05/1917 29 Photo cwgc
STUDLEY Gerald Henry William Private 295591 02/09/1918 20 Photo cwgc 
SWAYNE Cecil Walter Harris Lieutenent  25/05/1917 21 Buried in India cwgc
SWEET Arthur Edward Private SLi  ??/06/1915 27 Obituary 26/06/1915. Age 27. Not on either memorial. Died of wounds in Military Hospital, London
THOMPSON F Private Obitury Burnham Gazette 30/10/1915.Not on either memorial cwgc
TOUT Wallace V Private 38984 25/04/1918 Not on any memorial.From Highbridge cwgc
TRIM E Private S/307497  05/11/1918  30 Not on either memorial cwgc
TURNER Eustace Henry Haddon Sergeant 2/1211 11/10/1916 22 cwgc
WARD William Ernest Lieutenant 04/11/1918 24 Buried in Bolton cwgc
WELLS George Private 11843 10/12/1915 21 Not on any memorial cwgc
WELLS H A Private 3/7749 08/01/1916 32 On Highbridge memorial as A H cwgc
WEST William Reginald Private TF/212856 26/08/1918 Awarded D.C.M.De Ruvigney’s list cwgc
WHITELOCK George Private 6090 02/11/1914 cwgc
WILCOX S E Lance corporal M2/150597 22/09/1918  34 Died of cholera. Buried in Baghdad cwgc
WIMBLE John RSM 14667 04/11/1915 46 Buried in Westfield Road cemetery Photo cwgc 
WINTER Frederick Private 29317 24/10/1918 19 Photo cwgc
WOODMAN Reginald Rifleman 9263 08/08/1917 21 cwgc
WOODWARD Hubert Grove Corporal 19985 23/10/1918 27 Not on any memorial cwgc
WOOKEY H C Corporal 31083 30/04/1918 19 Not on any memorial cwgc
WOOLLEY William James Evans Private 192368 09/10/1916 18  Burnham Gazette 11/11/1916 Photo cwgc
WYNN F D Private 802235 10/04/1917  Frank Davis WYNNE ? cwgc 
WYNN William Ernest (Bob) Private 32596 27/09/1918 18 Baptist church plaque  


YARD H G Private 14278 23/03/1919 34 Commemorated on plaque at St. Mary’s Berrow cwgc
YOUNG Ronald George Private 316695 01/07/1916 19 Photo cwgc

14 thoughts on “World War I Casualties”

  1. Hi Gary,

    Thanks again for your comments. I will see if we can duplicate your comments on our Railway page as I know there is a lot of interest shown there and I wouldn’t want your information not shared. I will also get the image of Chummie taking uploaded there.
    Thanks again,

  2. I saw this article regarding the Railways and saw the Dyer family running a Newsagents. I do not have much information regarding the Dyer family. I know you are not a Heritage Centre, many of my Andrews family worked for the railways prior to the First World War.My relative is Ron Andrews who worked on the railways. I think he was nicknamed Chummie. I had many relatives named Andrews in the WSM area the most famous being Bill and Jack who both played Professional Cricket.Bill for Somerset and Jack for Hampshire. I have a Great great Uncle whose name was George Phippen Dyer, Burnham on Sea who married Elizabeth Jane Dyer (Nutt) their daughter was Sarah Jane Dyer. My Great great Uncle was William Thomas Dyer. I have Great great uncle. Their children were Edgar James Dyer, Victor Dyer,Lucy Dyer, Frederick George Dyer,Alfred George Dyer. My Great Great Grandfather married Hannah Bella Wheeler Dyer. She obviously became Andrews after marrying William Andrews. If any of your readers have any information I am GaryLeigh Andrews who lives in Swindon because of the Railways. My Grandfather came here from Somerset via South Wales after the 1st World War. His name was Leonard Andrews. We have a Great Uncle Edgar who died in 1916 and has his name on the War Memorial in Burnham on Sea. If you do not have time to reply I totally understand but, if you do not ask you do not get Kind Regards Gary Andrews. E Mail glandrews@bt

    1. Hello Garry,
      I’m pleased you contacted us as Chummie came to many of our Local History meetings and gave a talk about his railway experiences on one occasion. He was a lovely man and full of praise for his railway employment and experiences. I remember one of his comments was ‘ To tell you the truth I would like to go there now if I could’. We have an extract of his talk under the section a Railwayman Remembers on the Somerset & Dorset page. I will ask one of our members about the Dyer family as I know she is a distant relative to the newsagents article and hopefully she will get in touch with you.
      I also have a photo of Chummie sat talking to one of his mates. If you would like a copy please let me know.

      1. My Uncle Ron was an old man when I met him. My Grandfather and three more of his brothers were Railway men. Edgar sadly died just before the Somme catastrophe in 1916. He was a Foundry man. it shows he was Apprentice served in the Railways. My Grandfather was injured during the war and moved to Swindon sometime in the 1920s. He was a Coach builder and Decorator. He used to do the livery of the GWR Coaches and Wagons in Swindon until he retired in 1953. I did sign writing as a Hobby and never knew about my Grandad being a Professional Sign Writer. I guess you have heard of Bill Andrews. He too was a Copperplate Sign Writer in a Solicitors before becoming a Professional Cricketer for Somerset. His brother Cliff was also a Professional Cricketer playing for Hampshire. I met Bill many times, he was a big man as I remember. I never worked in the Railways in Swindon as they were rapidly declining in the 1970s so, I went to Vickers Armstrong as an Apprentice. I spent 50 years in Engineering and just recently retired. I climbed through the ranks and worked for a Company called Iscar Tools limited, UK. Good Company, good job, I miss it now. My Dad’s brother left me moments of his Railway days, they are tucked away in my garage. He was a Fireman on the Foot Plate. I will dig it out and see what there is. It was a lot of items.

  3. I came across your site whilst researching soldiers from Berrow who are remembered on the brass plaque inside St Mmary’s Church, Berrow.
    I can tell you that 2 soldiers, who are said to have no memorial mention, are indeed inscribed on this plaque. They are: Pte. Sidney John Harris and Sgt. Fred Norman Reg. No. 10446. Also on Berrow Church plaque are: Pte 14278 HG Yard(e) and Pte 28742 Alfred John Rawlings


  4. Greetings from Ashtead, Surrey,
    4th University and Public Schools Battalion/21st Royal Fusiliers had been billeted on our village in 1914. They were assigned to La Bassee canal, 21/11/1915 but disbanded 1/3/1916. Private P/S 4026 Charles Ashton Cordingley was then assigned for officer training to No. 3 Officer Cadet Battalion at Oxford University. His death came to be registered at Axbridge, 9/191, and appears in the CWGC list.

    His parents were John Cordingley (1864 -1936) and Ellen Ashton (1865 – 1925).

    All good wishes, Brian

  5. Many thanks for your project. Would have never found Arthur Edward Sweet death with out it.
    Have researched William Sweet Chimney Sweep Family from Burnham on Sea, almost complete genealogy.
    Can be found on Ancestry.
    Do you know where a copy of the obituary can be found?

  6. On behalf of the Hampshire Constabulary History Society, I am researching the history of men of the Hampshire Constabulary who lost their lives during the two world wars. One of the names I am researching is Ernest Reginald Jackson, who was born in Burnham and appears on your website. I would be grateful if you could contact me to discuss Ernest, as I hope to be able to exchange some information about his service.

    1. Martin

      Sorry for ther delay but I have been away.

      Tell me what you want specifically and I will send them if you contact my email directly.
      The website is funded by The National Lottery so there can’t be any commercial element to it, so the photographs there are protected somehow (not sure how, though) As they were taken by me I have no objection to you have copies. Are you researching something specific or do you have a particular interest in a topic?

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