Low Lighthouse Graffito Poem

Low Lighthouse from St Ann’s Lane.

In the journal NOTES AND QUERIES FOR SOMERSET AND DORSET (SDNQ) VII p68-9 there appears information about a poem found to have been written on one of the legs of the low lighthouse in 1844 or 1845. It is transcribed in full below.

Nine legs to keep me from running away,
White breeches to keep my legs cool while I stay,
A white scaly jacket to keep my shirt clean,
Two eyes, not to see with, but for to be seen,
A hat made of glass to keep my head warm,
A cock perched a’top to wake me at morn,

Last of all I have got an upright crooked nose,
Through which I’m to sneeze when I’m smoking I s’pose.

(the last two lines presumably refer to the chimney which originally ventilated the paraffin lamps).

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