St Margaret’s

The Gables, in Poplar Rd, was owned by the Lysaght family. During WWI it was used as a military hospital. After the war the family sold the property and St Margaret’s girls’ school moved in. The school had previously occupied premises in Julia Terrace next door to Brean Down House School, where it had been founded in 1910 by Mary and May Cooper. The school remained at Poplar Rd until its closure in the mid 1950’s.  (The Book of Burnham, Winston and Robert Thomas p. 83).


Pupils playing on beach
School entrance.

It appears that at some point St Margaret’s amalgamated with Oakover School. Advert below from 1942:

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  1. My sister and I attended Oakover and St. Margaret’s School in 1943 when our father was with the Southern Command, Royal Corps of Signals. Mrs. Yates was headmistress. We were billeted at Steart Hotel on the Esplanade. This might be Steart House. Our quarters was the whole of the top floor. I would love to find a photo of the Hotel.

    1. Thanks for your comment Barbara. You may be right about Steart House being Steart Hotel. Unfortunately I have not seen any pictures or references which would either confirm this or place it elsewhere.Perhaps other reader may have additional information?

  2. It was only last year (2020) that the greenhouse shown on the right of the school entrance was taken down when it became unsafe. The house has recently been sold. Martin Stevens and his family lived there for a very long time.

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