Brean Down School


We know very little about this school so would welcome any information. Was this later to become St Margaret’s School ?

The following article and pictures are taken from the 1903 Mate’s Illustrated Burnham Guide of 1903.  It informs us that the school had recently had a new wing added and was under the leadership of the Misses Dows and Ewens “assisted by an efficient staff of English and foreign mistresses”. 

Pupils are prepared for the University local and all other examinations. The study of music is especially encouraged and most satisfactory results have been obtained. In hockey this school now holds the Challenge Cup of the Girls’ School Athletic Association for Weston-Super-Mare and district”

Brean down House School . This article was taken from the Mate's Illustrated Guide of Burham published in 1903. The Guide was owned by


Burnham from this school014

The copy of this guide was previously owned by Mr L.A. Hawkings who  was the proprietor of Paradise Stores on the Berrow Road.


4 thoughts on “Brean Down School”

  1. How amazing to find this. I find a tiny intruiging note in my father’s papers saying his mother was educated at Brean Down. But that would have been been sometime after 1905 when she would have been 14. Possibly also her younger sister.

    1. Thank you Mary for this information. I am hoping to have more information about this school building and pupils soon and will post it here then.
      It is lovely to have your snippet of information. It is much appreciated.

  2. My mother and her elder sister were boarded there sometime between 1918 and 1924/5. I understand it was a small “dame school” for girls and had the impression that there was more emphasis on being a young lady than academics, as was probably standard for the majority of middle class girls in that era. My mother left the school – and therefore any education – when she was 14.

    1. Hello Georgina,
      Thank you for posting this.
      Should you have any photos or further information and are willing to share it with us please feel free to do so. We have very little details of the workings of this school as it was just one of many fee paying educational places in Burnham around the times you state.

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