St Dunstan’s School

The first building used for St Dunstan’s Prep School was in Allandale Road ,off the Berrow Road, towards the beach..

If you have photos or a member of your family has recorded memories of this school please get in touch with us. Thank you.

The following images are from the school’s prospectus from   C1930- Thanks to John Mackie for the use of these images. 





page 5


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This image shows Mr Stokes, his staff and pupils from around 1921.Can you help us identify any of the other people?


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  1. A number of former pupils from St Dunstan’s have recently got together on Facebook and we are hoping to have a reunion later this year( 2015). further details about the group and the reunion can be found on our website which has been created to collate as much information as we have about St Dunstan’s which can be found at

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