Lord Cave

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  1. My Great Grand Aunt was Anne Estella Sarah Penfold Mathews and she married George Cave in Marylebone on 6 Jan 1885. My Grandfather, who was her nephew (Rodber (Peter) Pemberton Horton) is written about in her book “Odds and Ends of my Life”. The Caves had 4 children who died young or at birth all buried in Richmond or Kensal Green, London. They later lived in St. Annes in Burnham on Sea and when Viscount Cave died on 29 Mar 1928 he was buried near his dear friend and brother in law (William Knox Laurence) in Berrow . Dr. Percival Mathews was Estella’s brother and he moved into a house in Burnham to be near his sister in his later years. Countess Cave (Estella) died 07 Jan 1938 and is buried with George at Berrow. Estella was born in Somerset, but her brother..Sir Lloyd Mathews was born in Funchal, Madeira . He was First Minister to Zanzibar. George Cave’s brother Basil Cave was Consul to Zanzibar.

    1. Thank you very much ,Coral, for this information. Many of Burnham’s residents will have hear about Lord Cave and his home at St Annes but I suspect this information , myself included, will be new to most.
      Thank you again,

  2. My mother Eva Wharton was a Dr Barbados girl who moved from Richmond to Burnham with the family ,and was a housemaid( I believe)
    .At the time of Lord Caves death she was asked to learn to drive the family car but declined and returned to the home to learn shorthand and typing.(a touch of the Downton Abbies here) I still have the clothes trunk that was used in the moves with a list of that which it should contain.
    I often wonder if records exist of her time there.

    1. Thank you for sharing this fact with us. There is little more we can add to this page as speaking to elderly residents and research of historical documents has proved very limited. Should you find more about your mother’s time in Burnham please feel free to share it with us.
      Thank you again,

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