Due to the ongoing difficulties with Covid 19 we have of course been unable to resume our meetings and all the speakers for the 2020 programme have been cancelled. They have all expressed a willingness to be re-engaged once we are able to begin a new programme. There is as yet no sign of when we may be able to do this. Once it is possible it may be that we will need to fill the first few slots  of the new programme with talks from members. If you have anything that you would like to present please contact Nigel Craik (secretary).



January 2021

We have started a new page on Brean Down on the ‘Places’  menu. The first article to be put on is about the Brean Down Harbour Project. We hope more will follow.

We have now added information about Brean Down Fort.

Small updates to pages on Brean Down House School and St Margaret’s School.

Longer pages now updated with contents lists:

Around & About

World of Work

Beach Activities


Other Diversions

We have also now added an Introduction page to the Schools sub-menu.

February 2021

St Andrew’s School Memories now relocated to its own page and enlarged. Please leave a comment if you have any further information about these pictures or memories of your time at the school.

A new page has been started for Burnham Infant School.

The Technical College page has now also been expanded.

Substantial update to St Margaret’s School page.

Now take a little trip to Paradise. (New on Places menu).

Also take a look at our new page on the Hawkings family of Brean Down Farm, Paradise Dairy and The Hawk Motor & Cycle Co.

New page on Berrow ( info moved from ‘Around and About’ and expanded).

Information on Brean and Brean Holiday Resort moved from ‘Around and About’ and added to an expanded Brean & Brean Down page.

March 2021

The Marine Lake material has now been expanded and moved from the South Esplanade page on to its own page on the Sea Front sub-menu.

April 2021

Small item on the Lighthouse Inn added to ‘Others’ on the Public Houses and Hotels Menu.

July 2021

A new work of art has been added to the Cecile Crombeke page.

Have a look at our new page on the Revd. Theodore Crane Dupuis on the People menu.

Another new page on the people menu for Ken Baily


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5 thoughts on “News”

  1. Hi

    Just doing family history research and while I knew I was born in Burnham, have finally worked out it was in the orginal Kinver Terrace block and have been able to match a few family snaps as taken here before we moved ‘up north’. If of any use for your site do let me know. I’m not sure it would have looked so grand back in the 1950s mind you!

    1. Thanks for your comment Simon. We already have quite a lot of photos of Kinver Terrace itself, do you have any photos significantly different to those of the town already on the site?

  2. Good morning thank you for such great work in this fantastic website! How can I get in touch with you as I am currently writing a presentation on paradise and Burnham which I will eventually make into a documentary and would appreciate your knowledge i also have some fascinating information which I have discovered hope this gets to the people who make this website possible

    1. Hi Philip,
      Thanks for expressing your appreciation of the website and your interest. John Strickland will get in touch with you via your email address.

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