Alibaba 1971

Burnham's Alibaba pantomime performed in 1971
Burnham’s Alibaba pantomime performed in the Town Hall ( now the Princess & Arts Theatre )  in 1971

The cast included:-

Mike Hooper, Valerie Symonds, Val Hooper, Peter Rouse,  Jean Whitehouse, Delyse Purseglove,  Sue Leigh, Mervyn Shepherd,Laurie Easton, Denise Berry, Dave Perry, Reg Perry, Linda Radford, Elaine Scadden, Jean Jotcham,  Violet Hudson, Ann Cox, Karl Goosens, Pat Pusil , Dave Pusil, Mark Stent, Patrick Lovell, Jackie Beatty, Jean Ham and Wendy Hand. Nina Haldenby & Judith Stevenson were the golden statues.

Thanks to Valerie Symonds for this article.

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  1. Could you kindly add my name? I was Judith Stevenson at the time & was one half of the golden statue along with Nina Holdenby. Thanks.

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